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An example of capital allocation – Gamestop ($GME)

When I was learning about serious investing a few years back, I heard and read about many things. Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow, Management, Business, Valuation, Price, Margin of Safety, strong balance sheet, ROIC and so on. One of my … Continue reading

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Motiwala Capital performance now available

Recently we completed two years of managing clients’ accounts at Motiwala Capital. We are pleased with the results so far. Ofcourse, the rising market has helped a great deal. In fact, it may be difficult to distinguish skill v/s luck … Continue reading

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Idea presentation to Small Cap Investing Summit 2013

Value Conferences and Manual of Ideas organized an online conference on Feb 12/13 2013. The focus of this conference was on Small Cap Investing. There were about 5 live sessions for each of the two day conference and about 10 … Continue reading

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Buzz words to scare investors

Investors are constantly barraged from analysis from media outlets. Some of the big buzz words that had ‘experts’ hyperventilating were: Debt Ceiling Crisis (2011) Fiscal Cliff  (2012/2013) Sequestration (2013) — live on your favorite outlets right now Debt Ceiling (2013) … Continue reading

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