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Do I need to enter every stock transaction to file US tax returns?

It is Tax season in the US. Federal income taxes are due on April 15. A few clients recently asked me “Do I need to enter every stock transaction if i use an online tax prep software (such as Turbo … Continue reading

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Video interview with Wally Weitz and Tom Russo

Link to WealthTrack interview with Tom Russo and Wally Weitz

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Interview with Joel Greenblatt

Recent video interview with Joel GreenBlatt – extraordinary investor. Author of “You can be a stock market genius” – best book on special situation investing and “The little book that beats the market” (called ‘Magic Formula’ investing).

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A good inverview with Steven Romick

Interview with Steven Romick, an excellent investor with FPA Funds

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How to become a better investor – Greg Speicher

I have followed Greg Speicher’s excellent blog for almost 2 years time. I highly recommend his blog to all investors. He blogs on investment process, other successful investors, posts a weekly links of interest among other topics. Greg recently published … Continue reading

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Search strategy

To be successful in investing, one should have a good search strategy. Often I used to wonder where should I look for companies for doing further research and then investing in them. Here are some of the places I look … Continue reading

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Automate your Google Search via Google Alerts

Google search is used extensively by everyone for almost anything. Some trivial examples include Search for a book, research company news, look up a person. Now, it would be good if there was a way to receive the Google Search … Continue reading

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A model to check earnings manipulation

Professor Messod Beneish at Indiana University created a mathematical model that uses financial ratios and eight variables to identify whether a company has manipulated its earnings.. In many ways it is similar to the Altman Z score, but optimised to … Continue reading

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3 Value Ideas from

Val at podcasts a show every week where he picks three companies from the weeks Value Line. Val has an excellent show and I use the show to learn more about the companies he presents. It can be a … Continue reading

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Video lectures at Columbia Business School

I found some excellent educational material on Columbia’s website. They have archived videos of guest lectures by world renowned investors such as Thomas Russo, Chris Browne, Michael Price, Glenn Greenberg, Mohnish Pabrai, Li Lu. The lectures are about 60-90 minutes … Continue reading

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