Stock Watchlists

I have learnt from many successful investors that its a good idea to maintain various watchlists of stocks you want to track. The idea is to have an easy way to know if a stock has hit a particular price point such as 52 week low, Low P/E or a pre-determined price. I read in a book that the great Sir John Templeton kept a running list of buy orders with his broker at pre-determined prices. When the prices would be reached, those orders would execute. His rationale was that if he had to make a decision when he would see those prices, he may not be able to control his emotions of fear or panic.

Remember, these lists may help you generate ideas for further research. This is just a starting point for further research.

Here are some simple spreadsheets I have setup using Google Docs

S&P 500 by 52 week low prices

S&P 500 by P/E

List of Retailers

General watchlist and Portfolio tracker

Greg Speicher’s watch List of stocks found in Value Line – 1

List 2

More Search tools at Greg Speicher’s blog

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  2. Juan Velasco says:

    wow great I had no idea you could do that with google docs, even though I use it, how do you get the info can you in a few words tell me ? The possibilities are endless to build interesting spreadsheets I loved the S&P 52 week low

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