The report that started a long journey

In March 2010 while I was completing my MBA, I started learning about equity analysis and research. I wrote a couple of reports and sent it to a bunch of people ( all my friends and some people in the buyside). This report on GameStop (GME) was one of my first reports. Most people on the buyside did not care for the idea and they said it was a value trap and would be the next BlockBuster ( or Barnes and Noble). Only one person took interest in the idea. I don’t want to name him but he manages a value oriented mutual fund (and a hedge fund). He encouraged me a lot and asked me to continue working hard, reading a lot of 10Ks and continue to write research reports. I asked him how I could get a job in the industry and he said you need to develop some expertise in a sector ideally. He recommended me to start a blog and share my research and get feedback from others. I asked him about starting an investment advisory business and he said you need to take the Series 65 exam, register a LLC and then you can start your own business.

Its a little over a year since that meeting with him. I have tried to follow his advice as much as I could. I have read a lot of blogs, investment books, research reports. I have read 10Ks and written a bunch of research reports. Importantly, I have also invested my savings into my research because that is where the real learning comes in. I have followed the companies quarter after quarter and tried to see where I was wrong in picking a company.

I took the Series 65 exam last December, registered my company Motiwala Capital LLC, and applied for my Investment Advisor license. A few weeks back, the Texas State of Securities Board approved my registration as an Investment Advisor. I am now open for business!! While I am nowhere close to being a ‘Guru’ investor, I am certainly learning everyday and applying what I learn. It is a long road ahead.

I wanted to thank everyone who encouraged me in the journey so far.

Here is the research report that started my journey.

Disclaimer: I , and account(s) that I manage, have a long position in shares of GME at the time of writing this article. My position may change at any time. This is not intended to be used as investment advice or a recommendation to buy /sell shares of any securities discussed in this article. Please do your own research or contact your financial advisor.

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Portfolio Manager at Motiwala Capital LLC
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8 Responses to The report that started a long journey

  1. Walter says:

    Congrats! Keep up the great work. I’m sure your career will be very rewarding.

  2. jobsinajiffy says:

    Congratulations, Adib!
    Wish you the best for the future.


  3. Greg Speicher says:

    Adib, Congratulations! I wish you great success in your new business!

    • adib says:

      Thanks Greg. Your blog is a good source of knowledge and inspiration. Keep up the great work for your fellow investors.

  4. Congratulations Adib. I have enjoyed your blog. Best of luck.