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Receive IB Statements

How to receive IB electronic statements

  1. Login to Account management
  2. Click Reports -> Settings -> Activity Statements and Trade Reports (see screenshot below)
  3. In the ‘Delivery Settings for Activity Statements and Trade Reports’ section, make your selections for the 3 kinds of statements.
  • Daily Trade reports: By default, notifications are disabled. You can leave it disabled if you do not wish to be bothered by daily trade confirmations. On the other hand, if you like keeping up with daily trades, click the radio button under the column ‘Email notification with attachment’.
  • Daily Activity statement:This is a report that includes trades, positions, net account value.
  • Monthly Statement (similar to above).

What the columns mean?

Email Notification Only : An email is sent by IB that notifies you a statement is available. You can login to account management and download the report.
Customer Service message center: Notification is sent to the Customer service section under account management.
Email notification with attachment: An email with the statement attached.
Disabled notification: No notification is received.

We recommend receiving the Monthly activity statements. Select Email notification with attachment.

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