Managed Accounts

  • Motiwala Capital manages separate investment accounts held in the clients name.
  • Recommended minimum account size: $50,000
  • Recommended minimum investment timeframe: 3 years
  • Account types: Individual / Joint / IRA ( Roth/ Traditional / Rollover /Inherited / SEP) / Trust / Partnership /  Corporation / LLC
  • Total transparency. Clients can view their portfolio, trades, net acccount value daily
  • Account can be closed , transferred out without any lock up period
  • Advisory Fees: 1.5% annually of the net account value, charged on a quarterly schedule. Sliding scale down for higher accounts > $250k
  • Long only. No shorting. No use of margin.


  • Generals - companies that meet our criteria of quality that can be purchased below our estimate of their fair value.
  • Special Situations - Investment in companies that have a corporate event that will unlock value such as tenders, mergers, spinoffs, liquidations etc