Managed Accounts

  • Motiwala Capital manages separate investment accounts held in the clients name.
  • Broker/Custodian: Interactive Brokers LLC . We do not take possession of Client Assets at any time.
  • Recommended minimum investment timeframe: 3 years – 5 years
  • Account types: Individual / Joint / IRA ( Roth/ Traditional / Rollover /Inherited / SEP) / Trust / Partnership /  Corporation / LLC
  • Total transparency. Clients can view their portfolio, trades, net account value at any time
  • Account can be closed , transferred out without any lock up period
  • Advisory Fees: 1% annually of the net account value, charged on a quarterly schedule.
  • Long only. No shorting. No use of margin.


  • US Capital Appreciation – companies that meet our criteria of quality that can be purchased below our estimate of their fair value. Includes Special Situations – Investment in companies that have a corporate event that will unlock value such as tenders, mergers, spinoffs, liquidations etc.
  • Japan Capital Appreciation:  Diversified portfolio with 30-40 positions in Japanese equities that meet the following criteria: profitable and growing businesses with reasonable profitability through the cycle, attractively valued on an absolute basis, net cash or modest levels of debt on the balance sheet, pay an attractive or growing dividend.
  • Halal Investing: For investors seeking to invest in accordance with Shariah, we offer managed accounts that will tailor the portfolio according to Shariah standards. Please see the description of Halal Investing