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Managed Accounts

  • Motiwala Capital manages separate investment accounts held in the clients name
  • Account types: Individual / Joint / IRA / Roth/ Rollover / Inherited / SEP / Trust / Partnership / ┬áCorporation / LLC
  • Broker/Custodian: Interactive Brokers LLC. We do not take possession of Client Assets at any time
  • Investments are primarily made in individual stocks (and not ETFs / Mutual Funds)
  • Recommended minimum investment timeframe: 3 years
  • Total transparency. Clients can view their portfolio, trades, net account value at any time
  • Account can be closed , transferred out without any lock up period
  • Advisory Fees: 1% annually of the net account value, charged on a quarterly schedule
  • Long only. No shorting. No use of margin
Motiwala Capital