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US Capital Appreciation

Year S&P 500 Motiwala Capital
2020* 22.16% 13.87%
2021 28.71% 26.51%


  • 2020* performance is from the Q3 2020. The same period was used for both Motiwala Capital and S&P 500.
  • Motiwala Capital performance for each year is based on the aggregate performance of all client accounts ( existing and new accounts opened during the year at various times.)
  • S&P 500 performance includes dividends but does not reflect any fees.
  • Motiwala Capital performance is computed on a before-tax time-weighted return (TWR) basis and are net of all paid management fees and brokerage costs.
  • Motiwala Capital performance figures are not audited.
  • Performance of individual accounts may vary depending upon the timing of their investment, the effects of additions, and the impact of withdrawals from their account.
  • Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future results.


Japan Capital Appreciation

Year Motiwala Capital
2017 36.92%
2018 -6.44%
2019 15.6%
2020 8.95%
2021 1.4%


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