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Muslim XChange (free): is a free website (apps may be coming) that allows you to screen for Shariah compliant Stocks in USA and UK. It provides explanation on whether a company passes the Business Screen and Financial Screen and why. Very simple and elegant interface and very quick.

Zoya App (freemium): is an app available on IOS and Android app stores. It has a freemium model in that basic screening for Shariah compliant stocks is free. It covers US, UK and Canada. It also has a premium subscription with advanced features. The interface is very easy to use. Premium version is needed to know why a company is Shariah compliant or not.

Islamicly (paid): is available via the web and in IOS and Android app stores. Islamicly is only free for the first 3 stocks you screen for. It has rich features and covers many markets. You have to purchase subscription for each market.

Finispia (paid): is available via the web/Android app store. Finispia is only free for the first 3 stocks you screen for. It shows compliance according to 5 Shariah rulebooks.

Islamic Investor (free/paid): is available via the IOS and Android app stores. It provides coverage for about 500 stocks in the US for free. There are subscriptions for advanced features. It is not clear if subscriptions provide full coverage of a given market. This is an older app and not the easiest. : Tool to quickly analyze companies financials.

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