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Book Summary – The Little Book of Value Investing by Chris Browne

I am presenting my summary of thebook “The Little Book of Value Investing” by Chris Browne. ChrisBrowne who passed away in 2009 was one of the great value investors over the past 30+ years.   Chapter 1 : : Buy … Continue reading

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Walter Schloss: 16 Golden Rules of Investing

Walter Schloss is a well regarded value investor. Schloss took courses under Ben Graham and then worked for him in the Graham-Newman Partnership. In 1955, Schloss started his own investment management firm. Schloss averaged 15.3% compound returns over the course of … Continue reading

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Lessons from “The Little Book of Behavioral Investing” by James Montier

Behavioral finance recognizes that there are psychological reasons for all investor decisions. Most seasoned investors will tell you that finding good companies is only part of the investing discipline. The tougher aspects of investing are controlling your emotions ( greed, fear) … Continue reading

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Value investing in Europe

EuroShareLab is a good website that I came across recently. Tim du Toit who runs this website, has an MBA from the US and he works in the banking and fund management industry in Germany. He puts outs a free … Continue reading

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What has worked in investing – A paper by Tweedy Browne

This paper is  an excellent collection of research done by Tweedy Browne as well as other academic and professional research on what strategies have worked in equity investing over the last several decades. The approaches include buying companies trading at … Continue reading

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Discussion on Insider Selling / Insider Buying

Today, in the SMIF meeting(@UTD) we had a good discussion about Insider trading and the merits / demerits of basing investing decisions based on that. There were 2 positions. One position was that if the insiders are selling more shares … Continue reading

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