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Value investing in Europe

EuroShareLab is a good website that I came across recently. Tim du Toit who runs this website, has an MBA from the US and he works in the banking and fund management industry in Germany. He puts outs a free … Continue reading

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What has worked in investing – A paper by Tweedy Browne

This paper is  an excellent collection of research done by Tweedy Browne as well as other academic and professional research on what strategies have worked in equity investing over the last several decades. The approaches include buying companies trading at … Continue reading

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Good investing websites.

Here are a few websites that have excellent content for investors. Some of them cater to intermediate to advanced investors while some should be good even for entry level investors.  : Value Investing, excellent free and paid spreadsheets, free screens, … Continue reading

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Wealthtrack – An excellent show / podcast to learn from professional investors

Consuelo Mack produces an excellent weekly half hour program on public television in the US called Wealthtrack. The show is also available on the website as well as via iTunes. Check out all the viewing options on this page. Typically, … Continue reading

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Styles of investing.

Different investors have different styles of investing. Investing styles can be classified in various ways. One of the classifications is (a)Technical analysis (b)Fundamental analysisTechnical analysis means looking at the chart of the security and attempting to use past prices, volatility, trading … Continue reading

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Podcast from a professional value investor

Off late, I find myself reading a lot of material on investing in general and value investing in particular . A few months back, I was searching for podcasts on iTunes and came across this excellent podcast by a professional … Continue reading

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Good investing books

Here are some excellent books on investing. I have compiled this list from various sources such as professional investors, other blogs and some that I have read myself. The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of … Continue reading

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Magic formula for stock investing

Have you ever wondered if there was a magic formula that you could use to find winning stocks and invest in them and make handsome gains? Well, the good news is there is indeed such a formula. In the book … Continue reading

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Value Investing

So what is Value Investing? In general, Value investing is described as paying 50 cents for a business worth $1. As per Wikipedia, Value investing is an investment paradigm that derives from the ideas on investment and speculation that Ben … Continue reading

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The Dangers of DCF – with an example

James Montier who is a member of GMO’s asset allocation team (formerly at Societe Generale) had published this excellent piece about “The Dangers of DCF” in 2008. I came across this article last night. These and other excellent articles can … Continue reading

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