My name is Adib Motiwala and I am the founder and President of Motiwala Capital. I have an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas. I am also a contributor to financial websites such as GuruFocus.com and SeekingAlpha.com

Motiwala Capital is a fee-only independent, investment management firm based in Irving, Texas. We invest in public securities primarily listed in the United States. We manage separate accounts for our clients which include individuals and small businesses.

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If you would like to inquire about managed accounts, please visit this page or contact adib@motiwalacapital.com

This blog is a medium to share investment ideas and education material with the investment community and potential clients.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to be considered as personal investment advice nor as recommendation to buy or sell any security. Please conduct your own research or consult your investment advisor. If we have a position in any securities mentioned in a post at the time of writing, we will disclose our position(s) at the bottom of the post. However, please note that our position(s) can change at any time and we may not provide further updates on the mentioned securities or our positions.

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