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Lessons from “The Little Book of Behavioral Investing” by James Montier

Behavioral finance recognizes that there are psychological reasons for all investor decisions. Most seasoned investors will tell you that finding good companies is only part of the investing discipline. The tougher aspects of investing are controlling your emotions ( greed, fear) … Continue reading

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Tenets of Investing – James Montier

As I try to develop my investing philosopy and style, I read about other investors and thought leaders. I like the material put out by James Montier at GMO. In an earlier post, I provided a link to an article … Continue reading

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Value investing in Europe

EuroShareLab is a good website that I came across recently. Tim du Toit who runs this website, has an MBA from the US and he works in the banking and fund management industry in Germany. He puts outs a free … Continue reading

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The Dangers of DCF – with an example

James Montier who is a member of GMO’s asset allocation team (formerly at Societe Generale) had published this excellent piece about “The Dangers of DCF” in 2008. I came across this article last night. These and other excellent articles can … Continue reading

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