ABC Funds’ Ten Commandments of Value Investing

Irwin Michael, CFA manages ABC funds in Canada. They have an excellent website with good material. Read their value investing style and more on their website ( Their ten commandments are as below.

I heard him talk to the students to the students at Richard Ivey School of Business – University of Western Ontario. 2010 talk| 2007 talk

  1. Low Price to Earnings Multiples
  2. Low Cash Flow Multiples
  3. Discount to Book/Net Asset Value
  4. Hidden Assets
  5. Management
  6. Products/Services in tune with present times and beyond
  7. Value Catalyst
  8. Discounted Valuations Compared to its Peers
  9. Contrary Opinion and Under-followed by Investment Analysts
  10. Discipline
  11. Read the details here

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