Excellent articles on two super investors

Gurufocus is my favorite website for learning about all things related to investing. Many contributors (including yours truly) contribute articles on stock research, portfolio management, case studies or about the lessons from great investors.

Here are two excellent articles that caught my attention today.

Bill Ruane’s “Meek Lamb” Mentality For Value Investing

Walter Schloss Discussion On Value Investing

Both these investors have been covered on this blog in the past. You can find past blog posts relating to them (and other investors) by clicking on the relevant Category on the right hand side of the page.

What I find amazing is that the principles/rules that these investors prescribed 30-50 years ago are still applicable and valid in this modern day and age. At a time, when investors take on margin, trade options, trade in and out of stocks and in general speculate, the lessons from these investors are superb. Any investor would do well to heed their advice!

Happy investing.

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