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OldSchoolValue.com has some of the best resources for investors. Jae Jun who runs this excellent website has no formal education in Finance. He started by reading the classic book “The Intelligent Investor” by Ben Graham. From there he kept on reading other blogs such as Joe Ponzio’s www.fwallstreet.com and read about Warren Buffett, his annual shareholder letters, books based on his methods as well as other greatinvesting minds such as Philip Fisher, Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabraiand Pat Dorsey.

In my mind the best resources on Old School Value (OSV) are the spreadsheets for stock valuation as well as other aspects related to investing such as portfolio tracking. Most of the spreadsheets are available as a free download. There is also a premium edition that puts all the spreadsheets together along with some extra features.

The spreadsheets are easy to install and use. You pretty much enter the company stock ticker ( US based ) and the sheet retrieves 10 years worth of financial data from Morningstar and ADVFN. It then computes various ratios, graphs and runs models for valuation. The valuation models supported are Discounted Cash Flows, Graham method of valuation, Earnings power value method (EPV) and net-nets.

Some of the spreadsheets I have used are

  1. Stock valuation
  2. Financial statement analysis
  3. Altman Z Score calculation ( helps predict bankruptcy)
  4. Piotroski Score Calculation ( a kind of magic formula for finding good companies)
  5. Portfolio tracking spreadsheet using Google Docs / Excel.

Have a look at the PDF below to see what the premium edition of the spreadsheet looks like


I am sure you will be blown away by the power and richness of these sheets. Other goodies on OSV include various screeners based on various value investing methods such as Net-Nets, Magic Formula, Free cash flow Cows, Z score etc

There are forums where you can discuss value investing ideas and the spreadsheets. Jae also has a portfolio that he shares with the members and provides his analysis on why he takes the positions along with updates. He sends out updates to his portfolio as well.

There is also an excellent portfolio tracking spreadsheet (free) that I am using. It lets you track the performance of your holdings and sold positions and compares it to the SP500. The spreadsheet is available as an Excel sheet as well as an online Google Docs version.

The price on the premium package is an incredibly low $65. There is also a cash back warranty. I highly recommend everyone to check out the spreadsheets ( free and premium) and the website as well.


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