Won 1st place in NYMEX Desktop trading (Final Results)

I am extremely happy to state that I was part of a team that stood 1st in the NYMEX Commodities Challenge 2008.
In a competition that started out with 29 teams over 5 weeks, UTD Grad and UTD Undergrad teams ranked 4th and 5th respectively in the first round. In the final round of 2 weeks, the top 4 teams from round 1 competed. The teams were from University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, Hofstra and University of Texas at Dallas). UTD ended up in the first place in the prize money round. Starting from a balance of $250,000 in virtual trading account, the teams ended at

UTD : 327k
Hofstra: 260k
GWU: 240k
UT : 120k

During this competition, UTD beat teams from big name universities such as Yale, UT, Rice, U Houston, Columbia, Penn State, Syracuse and Brown.

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