Won 1st place in the GuruFocus monthly Value idea contest

GuruFocus.com started hosting a monthly value idea contest since Feb 2011. I participated in the first month with my write up on MakeMusic (MMUS).

In May, I submitted my Cato Corp write up for the contest. I was pleasantly surprised to be notified that my entry had won the first place. See the results announcement.

Thanks for everyone who encouraged me and helped me constantly improve. I am still learning every single day and I have lots to learn.

Disclaimer: Long MMUS

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Portfolio Manager at Motiwala Capital LLC
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6 Responses to Won 1st place in the GuruFocus monthly Value idea contest

  1. Frank Anderson says:


    You deserve it. I don’t know anyone who has worked harder to become a better analyst, portfolio manager and investor.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Tim says:

    Congratulations Adib, good work

  3. Ben says:

    Hey Adib,
    I recently discovered your blog- looks great. You present a lot of avenues for exploration but let’s start with MMUS. I just read your thesis- any update since January?

  4. adib says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks. I will put up an update on MMUS here shortly.